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How can you create greater psychological well-being for students in your school?

Our solutions

Our solutions

Pearson Academy India provides assessment and intervention services which are globally trusted scientific assessment and intervention solutions. We also provide career assessment and counselling services to identify a student’s personality, aptitude, and interest.
Pearson Academy India offers you a wide array of certification workshops to help you enhance your professional offerings with workshops in addressing Learning Disability, Emotional Health, ADHD, and Career counselling..

Create an environment of
psychological well-being for learners in your school.

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  • It was a useful experience in terms of understanding emotional difficulties of school aged children. I especially enjoyed the interaction with different professionals and learnt a lot from their experience.

    Aditi Kulkarni Duggal Counselling Psychologist, Private Practitioner
  • Excellent, very well structured workshop.

    G.J. Urankar Master Incharge Education, Rashtriya Military School, Bangalore
  • Very beneficial and informative, the whole workshop was very interactive.

    Sumalatha. N School Counsellor, Presidency School Bangalore East, Bangalore
  • The Workshop was great. It has not only taught me more about children and how they perceive their environment but also it has helped me understand the best ways to help them.

    Shagun Guha Student, Christ University
  • The session was very informative and interactions were very much encouraged. The case discussions were very interesting and helpful.

    R Sharika Varma Student, Christ University
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    5 days ago
  • Chronic anxiety can hamper a child’s formative years. Help free their mind from the prison of anxiety. #Anxiety…
    6 days ago
  • Pearson Academy India invites you for an in-depth webinar on Building Social-Emotional Skills in students and its…
    6 days ago
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