WASI–IIINDIA provides a brief, reliable measure of cognitive ability for use in clinical, educational and research settings. With India norms, WASI is now more accurate for use with the Indian population.

WASI was developed to meet professionals’ demands for a brief but reliable measure of intellectual ability that could be used in multiple settings. In India, professionals, generally in clinical settings, who faced time constraints in assessing intellectual abilities often selected subtests from comprehensive batteries to estimate IQ but could not derive Full-Scale IQs (FSIQs) from these subtests. WASI–IIINDIA addresses this problem by providing FSIQs not only from four subtests but also from administering only two subtests that take about 15 minutes to administer. Moreover, any professional who can administer a comprehensive assessment such as WISC or WAIS is able to learn using the WASI–IIINDIA with ease.


Flexible Administration Options

WASI–IIINDIA provides flexible administration options. The four-subtest form can be administered in just 30 minutes and the two-subtest form can be given in about 15 minutes.

Four-Subtest Form
(Vocabulary, Similarities, Block Design, Matrix Reasoning) provides:

  • FSIQ–4 score: Estimate of general cognitive ability
  • VCI score: Measure of crystallized abilities
  • PRI score: Measure of nonverbal fluid abilities and visuomotor/coordination skills

Two-Subtest Form
(Vocabulary and Matrix Reasoning)

  • FSIQ–2 score: Estimate of general cognitive ability

WASI–IIINDIA can be used in conjunction with the comprehensive Wechsler scales as a screening instrument to determine if in-depth intellectual assessment is necessary, or as a reevaluation tool to follow up on comprehensive testing.

  • India norms: Normative sample representative of India’s population and closely matched to the 2001 India Census, makes this tool highly relevant for use in clinical, educational and research settings in India
  • Four and two subtest versions allow you to control the administration time and depth of assessment
  • Simplified administration and scoring provide even more efficiency

Uses & Applications

  • Screen to determine need for an in-depth evaluation
  • Obtain estimates of current cognitive functioning for individuals referred for psychiatric evaluations
  • Estimate IQ scores for vocational or rehabilitation purposes
  • Estimate IQ scores for research purposes
  • Quickly re-evaluate individuals who previously received comprehensive evaluation, when time available for retesting is limited
  • Norms: The WASI–IIINDIA standardization study was conducted on a nationally representative sample of approximately 1,540 individuals aged 6–90
  • Improved floors and ceilings

Simplified administration and scoring for WASI–IIINDIA:

  • Shorter discontinue rules
  • Reversal rules are more user-friendly and more consistent with comprehensive Wechsler intelligence scales
  • Directions organized in a more streamlined fashion and reading instructions shortened by 40%

Complete Kit:

Includes manual, stimulus booklet, 25 record forms and set of 9 blocks in a bag.

ISBN 9789332583597

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Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence, Second Edition, India (WASI–IIINDIA)


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