Beck Youth Inventories – Second Edition, India, For Children and Adolescents

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Evaluate children’s and adolescents’ emotional difficulties, disruptive behavior and social impairment across the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Self-concept

Childhood and adolescence can often pose academic, familial and social challenges for the child or adolescent that can lead to emotional difficulties. Often such difficulties are manifested in disruptive behavior and result in social impairment.

If not identified timely and addressed adequately, emotional difficulties can not only create and perpetuate academic, behavioral and social difficulties but also lead to life-long struggles with psychological issues.

Mental-health and school professionals play a key role in identifying barriers to classroom learning posed by emotional and behavioral issues. Due to the extent of contact a child has with school professionals such as teachers, such professionals can identify, intervene and monitor outcomes of interventions more practically and effectively.

At Pearson, we understand that you, as a mental-health or school professional, may be looking for ways to identify emotional difficulties and underlying causes of behavioral issues in children and adolescents, so that timely and effective intervention for such individuals can take place.

With Emotional Health being a focus areas for Pearson’s solutions in India and the subcontinent, we bring to you the latest addition to our psychological assessment solutions: Beck Youth Inventories, Second Edition, India (BYI-IIINDIA)

BYI-IIINDIA is adapted and standardized for India and is based on the internationally popular BYI-II that is currently used in the West by educators, mental-health and allied professionals in school and clinical settings. This is our first assessment on our digital platform, Q-global. Q-global is our online platform for administration, scoring and reporting of Pearson assessments.

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