Career Decision-Making System (CDM)

The world is now a global village, with global occupations coming to India and Indians increasingly working outside the country in professions not known to previous generations. CDM lets students align their interests, abilities and values to such global occupations.

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CDM career interest areas: Crafts | Scientific | Arts | Social | Business | Office

Use the CDM at school to help students look beyond the Engineer-Doctor continuum, and at careers they really want to pursue, are able to pursue and that align to their future work values. CDM opens students’ worlds to endless career opportunities they didn’t even know existed.

CDM, unlike conventional career guidance tools that offer only guidance, lets students self-assess their interests, abilities and work values, to offer career interest areas students can use to guide their career decision. Choosing careers or further education linked to students’ interests, abilities and values leads to more satisfaction throughout their career. The CDM reports six interest area scores, each corresponding to one of the six RIASEC themes.

CDM helps answer questions such as –

  • Does the student analyze, calculate and probe to answer the question why?
    She could be heading for a satisfying career as a geologist, economist or physicist.
  • Does the student like helping people and has social interests?
    He could help create a better world as a social worker, school psychologist or a college administrator.
  • Does the student thrive in a fast-past competitive environment of influence, persuasion and leading?
    He might have what it takes to be a lawyer, HR manager or a chief executive officer.

CDM is built to help students and career changers -

  • Identify occupational interests
  • Match interests to career options
  • Focus on opportunities that match abilities and work values
Who can use CDM?
  • School Counselors
  • Career Counselors
  • Classroom Teachers
  • School Psychologists
Why use CDM?
  • Helps secondary and higher secondary students explore career paths
  • Helps college students clarify their career direction and make informed decisions in selecting coursework
  • Helps career changers obtain clarity in their future career path and to understand if they have the desired abilities and work values that will support their new career path.
Features of CDM?
  • Internet version, fast and accurate
  • Can be completed in school or any place with internet access
  • Quick to take, online scored
  • Flexible: Use one-on-one or in groups
  • Matches interests, values and abilities
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