Helping Improve Learning Outcomes of Children with Learning Difficulties

A Pearson Academy India workshop for school and mental-health professionals

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How can you create greater psychological well-being for professionals in your school?

Are you as a professional working with school children struggling to understand why your students are not learning as per expectations?

They could be struggling with a learning disability such as dyslexia, intellectual disability or constraints in their working memory. Each of this condition hampers student learning and presents learning difficulties for the student. Attend this learning-intensive workshop, a one-of-its-kind offering designed to meet the learning needs of school professionals and mental-health professionals.



Assessing children with learning difficulties

  • Assessing intellectual functioning:
    Raven’s Educational – Coloured Progressive Matrices and Crichton Vocabulary Scale, India Edition (Raven’s Educational –CPM/CVSINDIA)
  • Screening for risk of dyslexia:
    Dyslexia Screening Test –Junior, India Edition (DST-JINDIA)
  • Assessing working memory:
    Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA)

Interventions for children with learning difficulties

  • Launch Into Reading Success (LIRS)
  • Cogmed working memory training


A wide range of professionals including:

  • School teachers
  • Special educators
  • School counselors
  • School psychologists
  • Any school professional involved in the well-being of children
  • Mental health professionals such as psychologists and counselors
  • Any support staff in school involved in providing learning support to students

What are the key learnings and benefits from attending this workshop for you, your school or your clinical practice?

  • Teachers will be better equipped to handle classroom learning challenges of students and offer personalized learning support
  • School professionals will be more informed when speaking to parents about their child’s learning difficulties at school
  • Teachers and school counselors can demonstrate underlying causes of academic failures in terms of intellectual deficits, learning disabilities such as dyslexia or working memory constraints that hamper learning despite the use of appropriate and effective classroom learning methods
  • School counsellors, school psychologists and other mental-health professionals will have access to objective data from the use of Pearson assessments to base their support and intervention plans
  • Schools will be able to Identify children at risk for dyslexia for referral to more extensive assessment and intervention services
  • A culture of timely identification and support in schools will ensure students struggling with learning difficulties do not miss opportunities for academic achievement during important school years
    Schools will be able to implement inclusive learning practices where every child, irrespective of his/her strengths and weaknesses, is part of the mainstream student community
  • Schools will be better equipped with Pearson assessment and intervention tools to set up a special education center and with staff trained on the use of these tools
  • School and mental health professionals will learn from Pearson experts about our solutions that are accepted and used worldwide in education and clinical settings
  • Schools will be able to implement a mental-health support system for students, using the Pearson assessments and interventions taught in this workshop.
  • Institutions with mental-health professionals will be able to integrate the use of these solutions to better serve child populations with high quality assessment and intervention services.
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