Learning Difficulties (LD)

Children with learning difficulties constitute a large and fast-growing population. LD results in a significant discrepancy between ability and academic achievement and can co-exist with emotional and behavioural issues.

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Our Psychological Well-Being Solutions for Learning Difficulties

Screening Solutions

Dyslexia Screening Test – Junior, India Edition (DST-JINDIA)

Identifies students at an early age for the risk of dyslexia.

Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen, India edition

Quick, evidence-based screening tool that identifies students who are at risk for dyslexia.

Dyslexia Screening Test – Secondary (DST-S)

Provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses which can be used to guide the development of in-school support for the student.

Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM)

offers insight about someone’s capacity to observe, solve problems, and learn.

Raven’s Educational CPM/CVS, India Edition

Measures non-verbal and verbal aspects of general ability in students.


Measures nonverbal and verbal aspects of general ability in students not adequately exposed to the English language, using scientific regional language translations.

Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence, IInd Edition, India (WASI–IIINDIA)

Quickly measures intellectual abilities of students

Preschool and Primary Inventory of Phonological Awareness (PIPA)

Measures a student’s phonological awareness skills.

Assessment Solutions

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – IV Edition, India (WISC-IVINDIA)

Provides a valid and comprehensive profile of a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses in the Indian context in order to ensure appropriate intervention.

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition, India (WAIS – IVINDIA)

Measure cognitive ability in adolescents and adults.

Process Assessment of the Learner – Second Edition: Diagnostics for Reading and Writing (PAL-II Reading and Writing)

Diagnoses dysgraphia, dyslexia, and oral and written language disability.

Process Assessment of the Learner – Second Edition: Diagnostics for Math (PAL-II Math)

Investigates the cognitive processes related to math.

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition (WIAT-III)

A reliable assessment of reading, language and numerical attainment.

Woodcock Reading Mastery Test, Third Edition (WRMT-III)

An individual assessment of reading skills for students.

Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH)

Helps Identify children with handwriting difficulties and provides relevant information for intervention planning.

Wide Range Achievement Test, Fifth Edition (WRAT- V)

Measures and monitors fundamental reading, spelling, and math skills.

Intervention Solutions

Process Assessment of the Learner Guides for Intervention

Creates positive learning outcomes for students with reading and writing difficulties.

Launch into Reading Success (LIRS)

Helps students identified with reading and spelling difficulties or dyslexia perform better in school.


A scientific, online training program for improving attention, behavior and academic performance of students.

Dybuster Calcularis

A mathematical learning software for school and home.

Dybuster Orthograph

A reading and writing learning software for school and home use.


Cogmed is an online training program that can be effectively implemented in school and used in homes to improve students’ attention, academic performance and behavior by improving their working memory capacity.


Dybuster Calcularis is mathematical learning software for school and home. It represents a unique way of assisting the brain in essential learning and maturation processes.

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