My Choice My Future

A self-assessment of personality to help individuals choose the right career.

My Choice My Future (MCMF) is a scientific and online career guidance solution to help individuals identify the right career path in the Indian context, by assessing their personality.

MCMF was developed and tested by BodhBridge, an educational services company, in collaboration with senior professors and researchers at the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Career choices have lasting consequences.

Help individuals make the right choices, with our scientific career guidance solution.

Key Features

Online assessment, developed in India to cater to career paths and occupations in the Indian context.

Automatic generation of a comprehensive and personalized Personality Report.

Statistically tested and validated on a large sample in India.

Career counselling by certified MCMF counsellors, based on the Personality Report.

Editions avaliable: Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu.

Use MCMF for:

  • Personality-career mapping –
    Maps an individual’s dominant personality traits to suitable career clusters
  • Fitment between personality and career aspirations –
    Helps an individual understand if their personality traits are suited to their career aspirations, in order to consider alternate career choices
  • Career development –
    Provides objective data for a student in school or an individual at any stage of career, to enhance self-awareness and obtain an in-depth understanding of personality strengths and blind spots related to career domains
  • Personality development –
    Helps a young individual understand their behavioral or personality strengths and work on their areas of improvement in relation to speci?c career clusters
  • Identifying preferred work environments –
    Helps a student or professional determine their preferred work environments, based on their personality traits
  • Job satisfaction –
    Helps align an individual’s career path with their personality for greater job satisfaction and professional success in current or future roles

Students and professionals who self-assess their personality
with an mcmf assessment obtain -

Insights into where they are placed for the twelve personality traits assessed

Information on their top three or four dominant personality traits

Information on career paths that match the individual’s personality

Benefits of MCMF:

The test taker obtains tangible insights into dominant career-related personality traits, to make informed and purposive career-related decisions.

Parents understand salient aspects of their child’s evolving personality in relation to career interests, and support their child’s personal development and career-related choices.

Career counselors in schools and colleges obtain objective information on the personality profiles of students and other individuals, to offer effective and meaningful career counselling.

Who can take an MCMF assessment?

School Students

College Students

Working professionals and career changers

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