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PAI School Brochure

Well-being is a powerful word. It doesn’t merely denote an absence of distress or dysfunction, but also the presence of optimal functioning at all levels – cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social.

PAI Workshop Brochure

Mental-health and school professionals play a key role in identifying barriers to classroom learning posed by learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral issues. Due to the extent of contact a child has with school professionals…

Cogmed Brochure

An online training program to improve attention, academic performance and behavior of learners. Cogmed improves the student’s capacity for a specific type of memory-working memory. This improved capacity creates a …

CDM Brochure

The world is now a global village, with global occupations coming to India and Indians increasingly working outside the country in professions not known to previous generations. CDM lets students align their interests…

My Choice My Future Brochure

My Choice My Future (MCMF) is a scientific, online career guidance solution to help individuals identify the right career path in the Indian context, by assessing their personality in relation to career interests and choices.

A Pan-India Survey of K-12 Teachers and School-based Mental Health Professionals

A pan-wide survey of K-12 teachers was conducted to understand aspects of student well-being at school. The aim of the survey was to create a learning ecosystem that helps greater psychological well-being of students in our education system.


Cogmed is an online training program that can be effectively implemented in school and used in homes to improve students’ attention, academic performance and behavior by improving their working memory capacity.

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