Winner of ASSOCHAM award

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Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI – Winner of ASSOCHAM award for Leadership Project in Mental-health Care.

Following the publication of Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA, Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI with norms for Hindi-speaking populations will help you measure ability in those who are not fluent in English.

Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI fills a long-felt gap in ability tests that cater to populations not adequately exposed to the English language. Translation of test instructions and CVS word card in seven major Indian languages empowers you with a more culturally fair test that can be administered in a vernacular language your client understands.

Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI features:

  • Besides Hindi, language translations of test instructions and CVS word card available in the following languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu
  • Hindi norms enable a fairer assessment of ability for populations that are Hindi-speaking
  • Screen a large number of children across language groups, using the Hindi and additional Indian language translations
  • Brings all the benefits of Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA plus the added benefits of flexible choice of language for administration

Language Translation Kit consisting of CVS Record Form, CVS word card and Test Instruction Booklet for seven Indian languages available separately from Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI.

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