Why is Career Assessment and Guidance important?

Choosing a wrong career path has a lasting impact on a student’s academic, personal and future professional life. It could lead to: Parent-child friction Academic struggles for students Inadequate financial planning for higher education Poor employability of college students Psychological issues for students Lack of job satisfaction, impacting workplace performance Psychological issues for professionals

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    What benefits will you derive as a Career Solutions Partner?

    Who can become a Career Solution Partner?

    Career Counsellors, Career Counselling Centres, Overseas career consultants and counsellors, Overseas career consultancies, Education professionals/Teachers, Mental health professionals.

    Every individual needs to make informed career choices, with objective information on three important aspects of professional success.

    My Choice My Future

    My Choice My Future (MCMF) helps students identify the right career path in the Indian context, by assessing their personality in relation to career interests. MCMF is available in 7 India language editions namely: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

    Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT) for Guidance

    DAT for Guidance assesses eight different types of ability or aptitude of students, which can be related to success in different areas of future employment.

    Career Decision-Making System (CDM)

    CDM lets students self-assess their interests, abilities and work values, to offer career interest areas students can use to guide their career decisions.