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What is the Digital Assessment Library for Universities (DALU)?

The DALU provides you and your students with access to our digital platforms.

  • Q-global, our web-based administration, scoring and reporting platform provides online access to many of our leading test manuals and stimulus books, allowing your students simple, convenient and remote access for review and learning purposes. Students can also practice administering a number of assessments remotely

What are the benefits?

DALU provides you and your students with access to our industry leading Q-platforms enabling you and your students to access many of our gold standard assessments, anywhere, anytime

  • The first step in gaining access to a DALU license(s) is by signing your institution up as a member of our University Partnership Program (UPP). UPP membership includes the ability to purchase DALU licences, as well as discounted rates on paper kits and record forms for those assessments not available digitally
  • Once your institution is confirmed as a UPP member, we will contact you to discuss your specific DALU licence requirements

What DAL packages are available?

DAL-U provides University course leaders and their cohorts access for use in teaching and learning to our digital assessment material contained within the industry leading Q-global-platforms. DAL-U allows you and your cohort easy online access to a wide variety of assessment material, such as test manuals and stimulus books, for use for familiarisation and practice purposes. Practice administrations are also included with DAL-U allowing even greater familiarisation with our assessments digitally.

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The Digital Assessment Library for Universities is administered through Pearson’s web-based digital systems, Q-global. These systems allow educators to accurately administer, score, and report clinical assessments

DALU Psychology

Includes assessments for personality, brain & behaviour, achievement/ability, mental health & adaptive behaviour


DALU Psychology

DALU psychology licenses provide a remote teaching solution for university course leaders, plus give students the ability to practice administration of assessments such as WIAT - 4, MIPS-R, MCMI-IV , ready to take forward into their future career. Access to Q-global also allows students to review assessment materials online in their own time, plus practice the administration of questionnaire type assessments such as BDI-II, Quality of Life Inventory & Symptom Checklist - 90 Revised.

This simple annual subscription will give staff and students access to some of Pearson’s most popular Psychology digital test resources on Q-global.

DALU Psychology

The following psychology digital test manuals and stimulus books are included in the Digital Assessment Library

Pricing for DALU Psychology license

Digital Assessment Library for University
Annual Subscription Fee for Institutions
Users Price/License Amount
25 Users 4000 100000
50 Users 3500 175000
100 Users 2500 250000

*Taxes are additional

*Each user will get to choose 10 assessments from the list for practice

*Institution can select any test of their chooice on QG

*Validity - 1 year from the date of QG set up


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