Fri 23 Jun-2023 1pm to 5pm
Fee: 1500 + 18% GST Online (Teams)

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability affecting nearly 10% of school children. It is a condition where children are unable to acquire skills related to read- ing, writing and spelling despite possessing the required intelligence, being exposed to a conventional classroom curriculum and in the absence of sensory deficits in vision and hearing.

Early identification of literacy problems that may be indicative of a learning disability, allows for timely and effective remedial intervention. Such intervention enables persons to cope with academic challenges better and can make the difference between failing to achieve desired academic outcomes and substantially improved academic performance.

Keys Takeaways:

  • Training on two different assessments
  • Learn from professional expert.
  • Get e-certificate

The training will focus on the following:

  • Awareness
  • Identification
  • Assessment
  • Intervention

Screen children with reading and spell- ing  difficulties  with  Dyslexia Screening Test-Junior, India Edition (DST-J INDIA)

Dyslexia Screening Test – Junior, India Edition is a powerful screening test developed for use in India, to identify school children who show reading and spelling difficulties which may be indicative of dyslexia. The DST-J INDIA is easy to administer and can be used by school teachers, special educators and school counsellors.

Raven’s Educational  CPM/CVSINDIA

The Coloured Progressive Matrices pro- vide an assessment of non-verbal ability, an important feature for a linguistically and culturally diverse population such as that of India. The Crichton Vocabulary Scales provide an assessment of verbal ability.

Children showing signs of reading and spelling difficulty despite having age- appropriate intellectual ability could be at risk for literacy problems or dyslex- ia and need to be evaluated further for these difficulties.

About the Trainer:

Priyanka Bhattacharjee is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist and have been practicing for the past 8 years. She is a two-time Gold Medal Awardee in Post – Graduation and MPhil. She is also currently serving as the State President of Assam Mental Health Council, WICCI, and recently she has been recognized for her exemplary contribution in the field of Mental Health by Ashiruktih Foundation, Assam.

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