Friday 13 Aug 2021 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Fee: Free Online

Cogmed Working Memory Training (Cogmed) provides an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory. Cognitive neuroscience, combined with innovative computer game design and close professional support enables Cogmed to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to clients. Learn more 

This training is the most scientifically validated cognitive intervention for working memory and attention deficits. Working memory is key to the brain’s processing capacity. It is vital for concentration, reasoning, and learning.

With students studying from home, there is an increase in them facing attention and memory issues. Cogmed training can be done remotely and keeps the children and adults engaged.

*Free orientation program.

Trainer: Nithi Sharma

Nithi is an RCI registered Clinical Psychologist with an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology with areas of interest in cognition and neuropsychology. She has over four years of work experience in school and clinical setup.

Nithi is currently working as a Training and Assessment Specialist at Pearson