Tue-Wed 15-16 Nov-2022 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
Fee: INR 3500 + 18% GST Online(Zoom)

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) is a gold standard used in intellectual assessment globally and across India for assessing children’s intellectual ability. 

About WISC IV ᴵᴺᴰᴵᴬ The WISC-IV ᴵᴺᴰᴵᴬ obtains a valid and comprehensive profile of a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, to ensure timely and appropriate intervention. It combines the benefits of the most recent version of the WISC and has been adapted to be more relevant for India.

Key features include: 

  • Culture appropriate items
  • Norms for children in India
  • Increased developmental appropriateness
  • Increased emphasis on composite scores
  • Increased attention to Working Memory and Processing Speed
  • More user-friendly administration and scoring
  • Reflects current theory and practice of cognitive assessment of children

Inside the Session: Training on administration, scoring, and interpretation of Bayley-4 & its various application.

Why attend the workshop?

  • Valuable knowledge on the application of WISC-IV
  • Learn the administration and interpretation of the latest edition of the assessment
  • Get an e-certificate

Who can attend? 

Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, Research Scholars and Students

Trainer:  Dr. Rachel Jayseelan

Dr. Rachel Jayseelan has completed her MPhil and PhD in Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. She has close to 9 years of experience in the field of psychological testing, assessments. She is currently working as a consultant Psychologist at the Reach Clinic and associated with Pearson as a Consultant trainer.