Friday 31 July-2020 10.00am to 1.00pm IST

Cogmed Coach Training Webinar 

Cogmed is an evidence-based tool for you to help your patients in a meaningful way. 

If you are a Mental-health/School professional (such as a psychologist, medical doctor, teacher) in private practice or working with an institution, focused on using evidence-based interventions to help your patients/students with attention deficit issues, you will find Cogmed relevant. 

Cogmed provides a new, proven, and effective approach to addressing the serious challenges of attention problems in ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, and other conditions. There are a strong research case and logic behind the intervention. The implementation is highly structured, ensuring excellent clinical results. Working with Cogmed adds an evidence-based and non-pharmacological tool to your client’s work. 

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a training program for people with poor working memory and attention deficits. The program is based on published studies and developed by a team of neuroscientists. The peer-reviewed studies show that Cogmed training reduces symptoms of inattention in children and adults, by addressing weaknesses in working memory capacity. 

The training program is available through our authorized Cogmed Practices and Cogmed coaches, all trained and qualified by Pearson. 

If you are a psychologist or medical doctor experienced in working with children, adolescents or adults with attention deficits, and are dedicated to using evidence-based treatments in your practice, contact us to offer Cogmed to your patients. 

If you are a teacher or someone working with children, this training will help you address their memory-related issues.

Pearson is now certifying Cogmed Coaches across India 

Cogmed Coach training and certification is mandatory for anyone who would like to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training to their patients/students. 

The goal of the one-day intensive Cogmed Coach training is to provide participants with the skills and resources needed to support individuals through the 5 weeks Cogmed Working Memory Training program 


What do you take back from the coach training? 

One complete 25-day Cogmed training (JM, RM, or QM version, based on the age-group you would like to offer Cogmed to). This training is for your personal use to help you familiarize yourself with Cogmed and experience its benefits for yourself. 

Extensive training material for continued learning, post-training. 

Cogmed Coach Certificate that authorizes you to offer Cogmed to your patients anywhere in India. 


Why should you become a certified Cogmed Coach? 

You will be able to offer Cogmed training to any child or adult who is struggling with attention problems, in your clinic or your neighborhood, all from the comfort of your home. This is because you will be able to track user progress on Cogmed using our online portal, which lets you log in anytime, anywhere. 

As a Cogmed Coach, you will be playing an important role in motivating the Cogmed user along the way and ensuring successful completion of the program, for optimal user benefits. 

You don’t need any additional qualification beyond your current formal education, to function as a Cogmed Coach. You will be able to start functioning as a Cogmed Coach after receiving our training on the theoretical and applied aspects of this solution, from our expert trainers. 

Benefits of attending this training:

  • Participants will get to learn about the latest editions of the tests
  • Participants will be trained on administration, scoring, and interpretation of the tests
  • participants will be provided with e-certificates.

Nithi Sharma

Nithi is an RCI registered Clinical Psychologist with an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology with areas of interest in cognition and neuropsychology. She has over four years of work experience in school and clinical setup.

Nithi is currently working as a Training and Assessment Specialist at Pearson

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  • Discounts cannot be clubbed

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