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WAPIS is not available for purchase anymore.

Wechsler Adult Performance Intelligence Scale (WAPIS), which has been used by mental health professionals in India in the past, is an outdated and partial adaptation of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS).

The WAPIS is not available in the market for purchase anymore, either from Pearson or from any other source. Any source claiming to sell the WAPIS anywhere in the world is illegal and subject to legal action from Pearson. Please bring to our notice if anyone is attempting to sell our tests to you that are not authorized by us so that we can take appropriate legal action against erring individuals and companies.

Our office has recently developed an India-adapted and standardized version of the WAIS: WAIS-IVINDIA. This test has been developed after a rigorous process of adaptation and standardization, spanning four years and across the geographical spread of India. Test items in WAIS-IVINDIA have been adapted to India for cultural appropriateness. India norms for WAIS-IVINDIA are the most recent set of norms and representative of the Indian population across the country. These latest norms will enable mental health professional obtain valid results on which to base their clinical judgment and plan interventions for clients.

Help us in our effort to bring the latest clinical assessments to you by discouraging purchases of versions of our assessments that have outdated norms and questionable validity.

Contact us if you are offered WAPIS from any other source.

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