Q-Global Beck Depression Inventory®-II (BDI-II) Interpretive Report

Assess the severity of depression with the Beck Depression Inventory-II. Consists of 21 items to assess the intensity of depression in clinical and normal patients[...]

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®-Fifth Edition ( WISC-V ) Q-global Interpretive Report

Measure a child's intellectual ability. Discover the Power of V: WISCV.com[...]

Q-global Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) Interpretive Report

Quickly measure psychological symptoms[...]

Q-Global Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI) Profile Report

Brief assessment of quality of life/life satisfaction[...]

Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, Sixth Edition (BEERY VMI) Starter Set

Assess visual-motor skills in children and adults that can lead to learning, neuropsychological and behaviour problems[...]

Western Aphasia Battery-Revised

A complete battery and a bedside instrument to quickly diagnose moderate to severe aphasia[...]

Ravens APM Kit

Assess nonverbal abilities at three levels[...]

Launch Into Reading Success (LIRS)

A programme to teach the phonological awareness skills so critical for the focused word work in the Literacy Hour in Key Stage 1.[...]

Dyslexia Early Screening Test 2nd edition

Determine whether a young child is experiencing difficulty in areas known to be affected in dyslexia[...]

Benton Visual Retention Kit 5th Edition

Assess visual perception, memory and visuoconstructive abilities[...]