Social Cognition

Social Cognition include tests for abilities such as facial recognition, name-face association, prosody, and theory of mind that are important aspects of social functioning.[...]

Wide Range Intelligence Test (WRIT)

The WRIT Wide Range Intelligence Test provides a general measure of intelligence (IQ) with user-friendly materials to assess verbal and nonverbal cognitive abilities.[...]

Escala de Inteligencia de Wechsler para Adultos-Tercera Edicion (EIWA-III)

Escala de Inteligencia de Wechsler para Adultos (EIWA™-III) is the Spanish-language adaptation of the popular Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale | Third Edition.[...]

Wechsler Test of Adult Reading™ (WTAR™)

Wechsler Test of Adult Reading™ (WTAR™) is an effective method for predicting full-scale IQ and memory performance. Estimate an individual’s level of intellectual functioning before the onset of injury or illness.[...]

Gifted Rating Scales (GRS)

Designed to help identify children for placement in gifted and talented education programs.[...]

Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence™ (WASI™)

Obtain a reliable brief measure of intelligence[...]

Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Fourth Edition (TONI-4)

Test of Nonverbal Intelligence Fourth Edition (TONI-4) is a language-free test, ideal for evaluating those with questionable or limited language ability.[...]

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children® – Fourth Edition Integrated (WISC® — IV Integrated)

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children® Fifth Edition, Integrated (WISC-V Integrated) includes 14 subtests that provide insight into a child’s WISC-V performance and approach to learning.[...]

Gray Oral Reading Test-Fifth Edition (GORT-5)

Gray Oral Reading Test Fifth Edition (GORT-5) is one of the most widely used measures of oral reading fluency and comprehension in the United States.[...]

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale® – Third Edition (WAIS®-III)

Measures an adult’s intellectual ability[...]

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™ – Third Edition (WPPSI™ – III)

An assessment of cognitive development for preschool and young children.[...]

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training (Cogmed) provides an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory.  Cognitive neuroscience, combined with innovative computer game design and close professional support, enables Cogmed to deliver substantial[...]

Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition (WRAML2)

Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning Second Edition (WRAML2) is a broad-based memory battery that provides a flexible measure of memory functioning and learning.[...]

Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition Normative Update (KABC™-II NU)

Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children | Second Edition Normative Update (KABC™-II NU) is a culturally fair ability test for all children. It is an effective and individually administered measure of cognitive ability.[...]

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, Second Edition (CTOPP-2)

The Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Second Edition (CTOPP-2) helps evaluate phonological processing abilities as a prerequisite to reading fluency.[...]

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