Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™ – Fourth Edition (WPPSI™ – IV)

WPPSI™-IV Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence™ | Fourth Edition is an innovative measure of cognitive development for preschoolers and young children, rooted in contemporary theory and research.[...]

Wessex Head Injury Matrix, The (WHIM)

The Wessex Head Injury Matrix can be used to assess and monitor the recovery of cognitive function patients in various states of consciousness after suffering a severe head injury.[...]

Speed and Capacity of Language Processing Test (SCOLP)

Speed and Capacity of Language Processing Test (SCOLP) measure the slowing in cognitive processes experienced by individuals with brain damage.[...]

The Pyramids and Palm Trees Test (Pyramids and Palm Trees)

The Pyramids and Palm Trees Test determines the degree to which a subject can access meaning from pictures and words.[...]

Benton Visual Retention Test®, Fifth Edition

The Benton Visual Retention Test® assesses visual perception, memory, and visuoconstructive abilities.[...]

California Verbal Learning Test®-Children’s Version (CVLT®-C)

CVLT®-C California Verbal Learning Test® Children’s Version is used to assess verbal learning and memory in children and adolescents. Useful in various settings to identify learning and memory difficulties, isolate deficient learning strategies, and assist in designing remediation programs[...]

Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition (WMS-IV)

Wechsler Memory Scale® Fourth Edition (WMS®-IV) is the most widely used scale of adult memory. In response to changing demographics, increased caseload, and new research and clinical needs, this latest edition of the memory test includes four new subtests and modifications[...]

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training (Cogmed) provides an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory.  Cognitive neuroscience, combined with innovative computer game design and close professional support, enables Cogmed to deliver substantial[...]

Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition (WRAML2)

Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning Second Edition (WRAML2) is a broad-based memory battery that provides a flexible measure of memory functioning and learning.[...]

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