Career Decision-Making® (CDM®) Internet

Career Decision-Making® (CDM®) Internet


Arthur J. O’Shea, PhD, Rich Feller, PhD


This assessment leads to a detailed career report, suggesting jobs for intensive exploration and providing detailed information about the jobs.

Age Range:

12 and older

Scoring Option:


Reading Level:

Sixth grade

Completion Time:

20-25 minutes

Report Options:

Computer-Generated Interpretation


Serving as the new online version of the CDM-R, CDM Internet gives students, adults, schools and other organizations added flexibility in using the assessment. This new online system facilitates a real-time career exploration environment, allowing users access to the CDM-R Inventory in a whole new and exciting way. Users can complete the CDM Internet in school, at home – any place with internet access. In addition, they can move effortlessly between the CDM-R Inventory and over 800 O*Net-based occupational briefs.

For the self-scored paper-pencil CDM assessment, click here.

The CDM-R Theoretical Base

The CDM-R reports six interest area scores, each corresponding to one of the six RIASEC themes to make them more career-descriptive:

Crafts R-Realistic
Scientific I-Investigative
The Arts A-Artistic
Social S-Social
Business E-Enterprising
Office Operations C-Conventional

Key Features

CDM Internet is helpful in a variety of settings, enabling junior and high-school students to explore interests and possible career paths, college students to clarify their career direction and make informed decisions in selecting coursework and declaring majors, and adults re-entering the world of work or interested in changing jobs to learn about career options.

Using the CDM Internet, career planners of all ages are enabled to:

  • Work at home with career advisors and/or parents
  • Revisit the CDM-R planning process as often as they like
  • Print out a copy of individual Interpretive Reports
  • Link directly from CDM-R inventory results to relevant job descriptions, training requirements, job outlooks, and national wages – as well as a college search website and current job openings by state
  • Identify “In Demand” and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs
  • View videos of workers at work in jobs that match their interests

Schools and other organizations can use this tool to:

  • Demonstrate accountability to parents and the community for preparing a knowledgeable, productive workforce by supplying students with a comprehensive, easy-to-use career planning system that presents the most current information
  • Easily arrange for students who have missed group career administrations to take the CDM-R group career assessment at individual make-up sessions
  • Support students in taking personal responsibility for their career planning and reporting by working more independently with the CDM system
  • Free up teachers’ and counselors’ time to assist their students

View a copy of the CDM Internet report. (PDF – 22 KB)

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