Career Decision-Making® (CDM®)- Videos: Tour of Your Tomorrow Video Series

Career Decision-Making® (CDM®)- Videos: Tour of Your Tomorrow Video Series


Rich Feller, PhD, Joe Vasos

Give Them the Best Career Decision-Making System

Tour of Your Tomorrow” (3rd edition) follows the direction set by the Career Decision Making System-Revised (CDM-R) and RIASEC occupational information systems. This seven segment DVD shows how Interest Areas identified by the CDM assessment relate to career interests, skills, jobs, and the importance of lifelong learning. Enthusiastic and real workers give “insider views” of their jobs and workplaces. Compelling action and captivating interviews help viewers identify role models with interest patterns and goals like their own. Within the six CDM/RIASEC Interest Areas, a wide range of workers show how personal traits, abilities, work values, and training options connect to careers.

Through this series viewers can:

  • Gain motivation and commitment to career exploration and lifelong learning
  • Learn how the world of work can be organized into six CDM/RIASEC areas that make career exploration easier
  • Enhance the information from their survey interpretation
  • Gain career insights from workers with similar personalities and strengths
  • Expand career and learning options
  • Visually explore the NEW WORKPLACE to get a sense of familiarity

Recommended for…

Middle school students to adults-in-transition who want to accelerate their career exploration; gain feedback about their career plans; and hear from real workers who have turned their strengths into career satisfaction.

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