Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® – Fifth Edition (CELF-5®) Screening Test

Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® – Fifth Edition (CELF-5®) Screening Test


Elisabeth H. Wiig, PhD, Wayne A. Secord, PhD, Eleanor Semel, PhD


Quick, reliable, and easy to use—now includes a pragmatics screening!

Age Range:

5:0 through 21:11


Verbal response to stimuli

RTI Tiers:

RTI Level 1

Completion Time:

15 minutes


norm-based criterion scores by age

Publication Date:

September 2013

Available now!

The CELF-5 Screening Test helps you quickly determine if a student needs further testing to identify a language disorder. Appropriate for students ages 5:0 through 21:11, this tool is the only standardized screening measure available for older school-aged students!

Features and Benefits

  • Saves you time, with administration and scoring taking only 15 minutes.
  • Now includes a pragmatics screening, in addition to items that help you screen morphology, syntax, and semantics skills.
  • Easy to administer and score
  • Reduces administration time for follow-up testing with the CELF-5; screening items are a subset of the diagnostic CELF-5, so that you can simply transfer many of the screening test responses to the CELF-5 protocol. No need to re-administer the test items, reducing CELF-5 administration time!
  • Enables cost-effective universal screening for children in Kindergarten round-up.
  • Can be used with students through age 21, providing the only screening measure with research-based criterion scores for older school-age students.
  • Presents research-based cut scores by age based on a standardization sample of more than 2,300 students throughout the United States. The test items were subjected to rigorous analysis of bias. Scoring rules are sensitive to many dialects use in the U.S. and diverse cultures.
  • Uses colorful illustrations that keep students engaged.

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