Children’s Communication Checklist-2 U.S. Edition (CCC—2)

Children’s Communication Checklist-2 U.S. Edition (CCC—2)


Dorothy Bishop, PhD


Rate a child’s communication skills to determine if further testing is required

Age Range:

4:0-16:11 years

Scoring Option:

Computerized- 5 minutes; Manual Score - 15 minutes

RTI Tiers:

RTI Levels 1, 2 and 3

Completion Time:

5-10 minutes


Norm-referenced; Scores include scaled scores, percentile ranks, confidence intervals, composite score, and index score

Publication Date:


Take the first step in identifying language concerns with CCC-2

The Children’s Communication Checklist-2(CCC–2) U.S. Edition was developed as a parent or caregiver rating scale, based on the extensive research of author, Dr. Dorothy Bishop. The 70-item questionnaire offers the flexibility to:

  • Rate aspects of communication such as speech, vocabulary, sentence structure, and social language skills of children and adolescents who speak in sentences
  • Screen for general language impairments confidently
  • Identify children with pragmatic language impairment
  • Determine if children who may benefit from further assessment for autism spectrum disorder

CCC-2 Domains


  • Speech
  • Syntax
  • Semantics
  • Coherence


  • Initiation
  • Scripted Language
  • Context
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Social Relations
  • Interests

CCC—2 is sensitive and detects deficits not identified by other communication assessments.

Incorporate CCC—2 into your longitudinal studies. Several studies are being presently conducted in the US.

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