Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota, The

Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota, The


Ruth A. Rustad, OTR, Terry L. DeGroot, OTR, Margaret L. Jungkunz, OTR, Karen S. Freeberg, OTR, Laureen G. Borowick, OTR, Ann M. Wanttie, OTR


Measure the cognitive abilities of adults with neurologic impairments

Age Range:


Completion Time:

Less than 60 minutes


Normative data gathered on 200 individuals

Publication Date:


Evaluate your adult clients’ cognitive abilities with this standardized test. You’ll have quick identification of general problem areas presented in a concise hierarchical approach.

Understand the theoretical framework and the means to quickly and inclusively assess significant areas of cognition. Use it to establish a baseline as well as to validate treatment.

Objective, measurable data facilitate communication between professionals so you can develop a holistic team approach.

The Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota is an objective measure that helps strengthen your role in the evaluation of clients with neurologic impairments.

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