Delis Rating of Executive Functions, Adult (D–REF Adult)

Delis Rating of Executive Functions, Adult (D–REF Adult)


Delis Rating of Executive Functions, Adult (D–REF Adult) lets you quickly and easily administer, score, and report the frequency of observed behaviors that identify executive function problems in adults.


Delis Rating of Executive Functions, Adult (D–REF Adult) lets you quickly and easily administer, score, and report the frequency of observed behaviors that identify executive function problems in adults.


Age Range:

19:0–79:11 years old


Online (Paper available via download)

Scoring Option:


Reading Level:

4th grade


Self-Rating Form, Collateral Rating Form


T scores, Base Rates

Report Options:

Individual Score Report – Self-Rating Form, Individual Score Report – Collateral Rating Form, Multi-Rater Score Report, Progress Report.

The D–REF Adult provides a rating of the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive symptoms of executive dysfunction in adults. The D–REF Adult provides information on the frequency of behaviors related to executive function and identifies the most distressing symptoms for the client and others.

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The D–REF Adult is designed to assist in the assessment of individuals suspected of having executive dysfunction due to conditions such as traumatic brain injury, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, cerebral vascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and neuropsychiatric conditions. Other benefits include:

  • Normative data to help identify symptoms and potential areas of intervention
  • Identification of symptoms that create the most distress for the client and others
  • Access to raw scores, standard scores, and index comparisons data using Q-global
  • Recommended intervention strategies based on both the Self and Collateral Rating Form clinical index T scores
  • Changes in symptoms after intervention


The D–REF Adult provides (a) an overall score for executive functioning; (b) three core indexes that assess the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive aspects of executive functioning; (c) five clinical indexes; and (d) two validity indexes. Some other features of the D-REF Adult include:

  • In-person and remote digital or paper-pencil administration along with Q-global scoring and reporting
  • Includes Self- and Collateral Rating Forms with 58 items that are answered as: Seldom/Never, Monthly, Weekly, or Daily
  • Audio which allows items to be read aloud to the client
  • Validity indexes to assess the consistency of responses and response bias
  • Clinical indexes to assess attention/working memory, activity level/impulse control, compliance/anger management, abstract thinking/problem-solving, and initiation/apathy
  • Multi-rater report to compare Self and Collateral Rating Forms index T scores
  • Progress report to evaluate changes in symptoms between two administrations

Presenter(s): Dean Delis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

In Part 2 of this webinar series, Dr. Delis will provide guidelines for making clinical interpretations of the findings of the D-REF Adult. Dr. Delis will also discuss the use of an optional feature of the D-REF Adult Score Report that provides a list of specific recommendations for interventions for EF problems targeted to each examinee’s profile of EF strengths and weaknesses. A case example will be provided to illustrate the different interpretive guidelines.

Recorded: View Recording

Presenter(s): Dean Delis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Dr. Delis will explain the primary objectives and features of the D-REF Adult, including the development of an EF rating scale that takes about half the time of existing EF rating scales while still providing both validity scales and clinical scales that assess the major areas of executive function and dysfunction in adults.

Recorded: View Recording
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