Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP)

Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP)


Barbara Dodd, Zhu Hua, Sharon Crosbie, Alison Holm, Anne Ozanne


Evaluates both articulation and phonological process using a Diagnostic Screen, a diagnostic Articulation Assessment, a diagnostic Phonology Assessment (with a phonological analysis), and an Oral Motor Screen

Age Range:

3.0 to 8.11 years

RTI Tiers:

RTI Levels 1, 2 and 3

Completion Time:

Diagnostic Screen 5 minutes; Articulation assessment 10-15 minutes; Phonology assessment 10-15 minutes; Oral Motor Screen 5 minutes


n= 650 with a sample based on the current U.S. population


Standard scores and percentile ranks for Sounds in Words, Phonological Process Use, and Single Words vs. Connected Speech Agreement Criterion

Publication Date:


The Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP) is a comprehensive standardized assessment that evaluates both articulation and phonological processes. The DEAP includes a Diagnostic Screen, a diagnostic Articulation Assessment, a diagnostic Phonology Assessment (with a phonological analysis), and an Oral Motor Screen. Use it in conjunction with CELF-4, PLS-4, or another comprehensive language test to obtain a complete understanding of a child’s speech and language ability.

Diagnostic Screen – In Just 5 Minutes!

  • Appropriate for general screening of speech disorders and for initial referrals
  • Use screening results to customize the DEAP assessment process
  • Obtain a Differential Diagnosis of articulation disorders and disorders of phonological processes2 Tests in one!
  • Discriminates children with typically developing speech from children who have delay/disorder and directs the clinician to use the relevant assessment(s) for assessing the child’s speech system
  • Examine oral motor function by administering the Oral Motor Screen.

DEAP Provides You with More Assessment Options

  • DEAP provides stimulability opportunities in isolation and CV or VC syllables for sounds in error
  • The Phonology Assessment provides information about error patterns and differences between single word and continuous speech production
  • Develop appropriate therapy plans based on the child’s performance on DEAP
  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s needs through the provided validity studies, which address developmental patterns for children with articulation, phonological, or oral motor disorders

DEAP Uniqueness

  • Quick Articulation and Phonology Screening
  • Colorful and Engaging Pictures
  • Speech sounds are sampled at least twice to ensure that you have a thorough picture of the child’s sound system
  • Articulation Assessment samples all English sounds including vowels
  • Oral Motor Screen provides a brief assessment of sequencing and accurate and fluent production of speech

Attractive, colorful pictures to elicit target sounds and phonological processes


Technical Report

DEAP Technical Report (PDF – 216 KB)

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