Parenting Satisfaction Scale (PSS)

Parenting Satisfaction Scale (PSS)

Key Information


John Guidubaldi, Helen K. Cleminshaw


Identify troubled parent-child relationships

Age Range:

Validated on parents of elementary children; clinically


30 minutes


Non-normalized standardized T scores and percentiles

Publication Date:


Parenting Satisfaction Scale (PSS)


Identify troubled parent-child relationships with this 45-item standardized assessment of parents’ attitudes toward parenting. Scores derived from the Parenting Satisfaction Scale (PSS) allow a clinician or researcher to define, compare, and communicate levels of parenting satisfaction in three domains: Satisfaction with the Spouse/Ex-Spouse Parenting Performance, Satisfaction with the Parent-Child Relationship, and Satisfaction with Parenting Performance. PSS can also be useful in making child custody decisions and conducting family therapy.

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