Picture File, The

Picture File, The


Lloyd M. Dunn, PhD, Leota M. Dunn, in collaboration with James O. Smith, EdD, Deborah D. Smith, EdD, Kathryn B. Horton, MS

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Bring a wide selection of quality pictures into your classroom or therapy session

The Picture File is a collection of 584 pictures on sturdy card stock that support all areas of instruction. This full-color collection features illustrations carefully prepared to show texture and detail more clearly than photographs and without distracting backgrounds. Many cards also contain descriptive information on the back to support the card’s illustration.

Use this extensive collection to:

  • Stimulate speech, writing, and storytelling activities
  • Illustrate parts of speech
  • Support science and social studies units
  • Initiate research projects
  • Teach a second language
  • Promote career exploration
  • Support phonics and articulation activities

Organized to make selecting the right card quick and easy

The pictures are organized in a sturdy, attractive file box that includes tabbed index cards for arranging the collection into categories. It’s easy to find just the right picture. Teachers and specialists agree that the Picture File is an excellent resource for busy classrooms.

The Picture File features 16 categories:

  • Domestic Mammals
  • Wild Mammals
  • Birds & Fish
  • Insects & Other Animals
  • Clothing
  • Accessories & Personal Items
  • Prepared Foods
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Plants (with insets)
  • Actions & Expressions
  • Recreational & School Items
  • Household Items
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Air & Water Vehicles
  • Land Vehicles
  • Workers
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