Q-Global Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-2 (MMPI-2)-Adult Clinical Interpretative

Q-Global Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-2 (MMPI-2)-Adult Clinical Interpretative


Online, computer administration or paper and pencil

Scoring Option:

Q-global™ Scoring & Reporting, Q™ Local Software, Mail-in Scoring Service, or Manual Scoring

Our Most Widely Used Computer-Based MMPI-2 Report

This cost-effective report provides raw and T scores for all standard MMPI-2 scales and a listing of critical items. The report includes:

  • Validity and Clinical Scales Profile, K-corrected and non-K-corrected (graph)
  • RC (Restructured Clinical) Scales Profile (graph)
  • Clinical Subscales (reported)
  • Content Scales Profile (graph)
  • Content Component Scales (reported)
  • Supplementary Scales Profile (graph)
  • PSY-5 Scales Profile (graph)
  • Non-gendered T scores and response percentages
  • Critical Items and Omitted Items

Extended Score Report

This report provides raw and T scores for all standard MMPI-2 scales, as well as the PSY-5 Scales, Content Component Scales, and critical items.

Sample Report

 Extended Score Report

Scoring and Reporting Options

Q-global™ Web-based Administration, Scoring and Reporting – Enables you to quickly assess and efficiently organize examinee information, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports all via the Web.

Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Desktop Software – Enables you to score assessments, report results, and store and export data on your computer.

Mail-in Scoring Service – Specially designed answer sheets are mailed to Pearson and are processed within 24–48 hours of receipt; results returned via regular mail.

Manual Scoring – Administer assessments on answer sheets and score them yourself with answer keys and profile/record forms.

Getting Started with the Q-global Training Series

View these brief training modules about Q-global:

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