Quotient ADHD Test

Quotient ADHD Test

Age Range:

Tests for 6-12, 13-14, 15+


Medical device with built-in software and Motion Tracking System

Report Options:

Upload raw data to the server, download the report within minutes of test completion.

The Quotient ADHD Test is for the objective measurement of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention as an aid in the assessment of ADHD. Better communication with objective data gets parents, teachers and the patient aligned and engaged in treatment planning. The Quotient report lets them see the severity of hyperactivity and the inability to sustain attention. This improves the efficiency of the visit.

Objective data improves the accuracy of your ADHD assessments.

  • See the Problem: Quantify the severity of deficits at baseline. Concrete data makes communication more efficient.
  • See the Progress: Evaluate progress to treatment goals. From Jake’s case presented below: At Day 8, his motion was attenuated and his teacher reported improvement. However, sustained attention remained sub-optimal. Would clinical interviews reveal the attention problem this soon? We can do better!
  • Get on Track Sooner: Objective data helps inform decisions to optimize treatment for the individual. We’re there!

The Quotient® ADHD Test helps to inform treatment decisions and helps to achieve clinical efficacy sooner.

AAP Guidelines: “Because stimulant medication effects are seen immediately, trials of different doses of stimulants can be accomplished in a relatively short time period. Stimulant medications can be effectively titrated on a 3- to 7-day basis.” This case study illustrates how the Quotient System can help implement a protocol with frequent assessments.

Learn More at the Quotient Website. Visit Quotient-ADHD.com.

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Pre-recorded Webinars

View pre-recorded webinars on this page: http://www.quotient-adhd.com/webinars/

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