Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS™) Intervention Guide

Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS™) Intervention Guide


Stephen Elliott, PhD, Frank Gresham, PhD


Plan and implement interventions to improve student's social skills

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RTI Level 2

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The SSIS™ (Social Skills Improvement System) Intervention Guide is designed to help you plan and implement remediation strategies that are directly tied to problems identified by the SSIS Rating Scales. Because the SSIS Intervention Guide is highly coordinated with the SSIS Rating Scales, this dynamic intervention program enables you to conduct meaningful pre-treatment and post-treatment assessments and be confident that your decisions are reliable and your documentaiton of changes is accurate.

The revised guide provides units that follow a step-by-step teaching model addressing:

  • Communication (2 units)
  • Cooperation (3 units)
  • Assertion (3 units)
  • Responsibility (3 units)
  • Empathy (2 units)
  • Engagement (3 units)
  • Self-control (4 units)

Administration Materials

In addition to the 20 instructional units, the SSIS Intervention Guide provides many optional intervention strategies, resources that support instruction, and tools to monitor program effectiveness and student progress. The resource disc that accompanies the guide includes: Skill Cue Cards, Notes to Parents, Letters to Parents (Consent Form, Overview Letter, Completion Letter, Follow up Letter, Classwide Notification), Progress Forms, Intervention Integrity Forms, Certificates of Completion, Video and Video Clip Index.

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