Test of Language Competence – Expanded Edition (TLC-Expanded)

Test of Language Competence – Expanded Edition (TLC-Expanded)


Elisabeth H. Wiig, PhD, Wayne Secord, PhD


Measure metalinguistic higher-level language functions

Age Range:

Level 1: 5-9; Level 2: 10-18

Completion Time:

Less than 60 minutes


Subtest and Composite Standard Scores, Percentile Ranks by Age, Overall Age Equivalent Score, Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression Scores

Publication Date:


See CELF-5 Metalinguistics, a revision of the TLC-E

  • Use this tool to determine students’ language strategies, assist in developing remediation plans, and write Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives.
  • Diagnose disorders of higher-level language function.
  • TLC–Expanded is an excellent complement to basic language skills testing with CELF®–5.
  • Subtests include Ambiguous Sentences, Listening Comprehension: Making Inferences, Oral Expression: Recreating Speech Acts, Figurative Language, and a supplemental memory subtest.
  • Quick Screening Composite (based on two subtests) helps you determine the need for further testing.
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