Test of Language Development-Primary, Fourth Edition (TOLD-P:4)

Test of Language Development-Primary, Fourth Edition (TOLD-P:4)


Donald D. Hammill, PhD, Phyllis L. Newcomer


An individually administered language battery

Age Range:

4:0 - 8:11

Completion Time:

1 hour


Standard scores, percentiles, age equivalents

Publication Date:




Unbiased test of spoken language

The Test of Language Development­ Primary, Fourth Edition (TOLD-P:4) has nine subtests that measure different components of spoken language:

  • Picture Vocabulary
  • Relational Vocabulary
  • Oral Vocabulary
  • Syntactic Understanding
  • Sentence Imitation
  • Morphological Completion
  • Word Discrimination
  • Word Analysis
  • Word Articulation

Features of the TOLD-P:4

  1. New normative data based on the 2005 U.S. Census
  2. Streamlined test manual
  3. Complete directions for administering subtests now included in Examiner’s Manual
  4. Elimination of floor and ceiling effects
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