School mental health programs are effective in improving learning, mental well- being, and in treating mental disorders. When teachers are actively involved in mental health programs, the interventions can reach generations of children (World Health Organization)

Pearson Academy India offers you a wide array of workshops to help you enhance your professional offerings with workshops in addressing Learning Disability, Emotional Health, ADHD, Career guidance, and various other workshops.

Are you as a professional working with school children struggling to understand why your students are not learning as per expectations?

They could be struggling with a learning disability such as dyslexia, intellectual disability or constraints in their working memory. Each of this condition hampers student learning and presents learning difficulties for the student. Attend this learning-intensive workshop, a one-of-its-kind offering designed to meet the learning needs of school professionals and mental-health professionals.

This involves a one and half day training in DST-J, Ravens CPM/CVS & LIRS

Schooling is an important stage in any individual’s lifespan that often leaves a lasting impression on the individual’s personality, well-being and future academic or professional success. During school years, academic burden, parental expectation, family issues and peer pressure may result in the child or adolescent developing emotional problems. These problems may manifest themselves in the form of unhealthy coping mechanisms such as depression, anxiety or anger and negatively impact the child’s self-concept.

Assessing emotional well-being of every school-going child and adolescent is important in order to offer timely support and intervention for emotional and behavioural disturbances. If not checked, these emotional difficulties may impede academic, personal and social growth, resulting in a lifetime of difficulties for such individuals.

What will be discussed? In this Full day workshop, we will be discussing:

Morning Session –

  • Introduction to child and adolescent mental health
  • Available resources in schools and families
  • Incidence and Prevalence rate of Anxiety, Anger, Depression and other related problems
  • Risk Factors in emotional difficulties
  • Diagnosis and associated conditions in emotional difficulties
  • Importance of referral to mental-health professionals
  • Importance of identifying Behavioral Problems

Afternoon Session –

  • Myths and misconceptions of childhood and adolescent problems
  • Assessment of emotional difficulties
  • Interventions and support strategies for the school professional
  • Role of significant others
  • Case Illustrations and group activities
  • Ethical Issues and considerations in the classroom

The training will revolve around the Beck series of assessments

Attention is a fundamental cognitive capacity and a pre-requisite for classroom behavior related to listening and understanding instructions, completing assignments and taking exams. ADHD involves inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity in children, which may lead to disruptive behavior in the classroom.

ADHD the most commonly diagnosed childhood psychiatric disorder which affects 3 to 5% of school aged children. Boys are 4 to 9 times more likely to be diagnosed than girls and 1/4 to 1/3 of children with ADHD also have learning disabilities. Students with ADHD are at a higher risk for unintentional injuries, delinquency, and anti-social behavior.

Participants will learn from Pearson-trained experts, important aspects of ADHD related problems in school children and ways to address them with objective assessment and support. Participants will learn to use Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales (Brown ADD Scales) and Cogmed Memory Training

Pearson Academy India’s Career assessment & counselling (CA&C) helps students make an informed education and occupational explorations & decisions that are backed by objective data. If pursued at an early stage, one can make course corrections and plan a better future!

How CA&C helps?

It helps individual acquire knowledge about their personality, aptitude and interests.

Provides data & information about the job markets relevant to their chosen education stream by thus identifying the right career options for themselves.

Participants will be trained in the following tests –  My Choice My Future (MCMF),Differential Aptitude Tests for Guidance (DAT for Guidance), and Career Decision-making System (CDM)

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