Pearson Academy India offers institutional training for Government institutions. The Indian government has been majorly focusing on improving the mental healthcare situation in India with the recent introduction of the Mental Healthcare Act in 2017. Reach out to us you would like to conduct any of the below-mentioned training in your institute.

District Mental Health Program (DMHP): District Mental Health Programme (DMHP) was started under the National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) to decentralize mental health services and to provide mental health service at the community level by integrating mental health with the general healthcare delivery system.

Pearson is helping the mental health professionals working under this program by providing them with various assessment tools- MMPI-2; MMPI-A; BASC-3; WMS-III; Ravens SPM; WAIS-II; MACI; Bayley-III; Beery VMI 6th Edition; DST-J

Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram(RBSK) is an important initiative aiming at early identification and early intervention for children from birth to 18 years to cover 4 ‘D’s viz. Defects at birth, Deficiencies, Diseases, Development delays including disability.

DEST-2; DST-J; Vineland 2/3 Bayley-3 are provided by Pearson for this program.


Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) was launched in 2014 with the vision of providing comprehensive services to adolescents in the country.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA): is a Government of India’s flagship programme for the achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) in a time-bound manner, as mandated by 86th amendment to the Constitution of India making free and compulsory Education to the Children of 6-14 years age group, a Fundamental Right. SSA is being implemented in partnership with State Governments to cover the entire country and address the needs of 192 million children in 1.1 million habitations.

Pearson is currently offering WISC- IV India; WAIS-IV India; WMS-III India; MCMI-III; Vineland-3; Ravens SPM; Ravens CPM/CVS; WRAT-5 India for this program.


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