Backed by our globally-used and trusted psychological assessment and intervention solutions, PCTA and its services arm, Pearson Academy India are well placed to educate, inform and influence public opinion on how mental health services should be delivered in India. Mental health is a growing area of concern in India that requires addressing multiple issues at all levels – individual, institutional, societal and governmental.

Creating greater awareness of mental health issues, questioning existing beliefs around mental illness, demystifying mental health across cognitive, emotional and behavioral domains and helping de-stigmatize mental illness are some of the many pressing areas of concern where media will find talking to us useful and enlightening for their editorial opportunities.

Our leadership role in the mental health care space will only grow in the coming years. With a global and India team of thought leaders including clinical psychologists and seasoned business heads, and our unique location in the mental health care space, from assessment to intervention, products to services, our thoughts ought to matter to you, as a media professional. Please get in touch either directly or through our Public Relations agency for media queries and opportunities.

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