Beery VMI Teaching Materials

Beery VMI Teaching Materials


Beery VMI Teaching Materials include intervention strategies tied to specific skills measured by The Beery VMI™ test, enabling targeted remediation planning.

Beery VMI Teaching Materials include intervention strategies tied to specific skills measured by The Beery VMI™ test, enabling targeted remediation planning.


Keith E. Beery, PhD, Norman A. Buktenica, Natasha A. Beery

Age Range:

Birth to 6

Publication Date:


Teaching Materials

In response to teachers’ and parents’ requests, authors Keith and Natasha Beery have developed visual, motor, and visual-motor teaching activities, and other material for use with children from birth to elementary school age. Every intervention strategy is tied to a specific skill measured by The Beery VMI test, enabling targeted remediation planning.

New CD format enables quick, convenient and free reprinting of teaching activities and worksheets.

Uses & Applications

These colorful, easy-to-use materials help parents and teachers:

  • Communicate with each other about the child’s progress
  • Build a strong basis for art, academic, and athletic skills
  • Monitor progress based on developmental “stepping stones”
  • Support early prevention, with tools used for children from Birth through age six
  • Develop remediation plans for struggling learners

Included in the starter kit are:

  • Activities bookDevelopmental Teaching Activities – A booklet of more than 250 activities for teachers and parents to use with children from birth through age 6 to help develop solid foundations for art, academics (including pre-reading and pre-writing), and athletic skills. At each level, activities are included for gross motor, fine motor, visual, and visual-motor development.
  • Shapes bookMy Book of Shapes – Contains 100 geometric paper-and-pencil exercises that preschool and kindergarten teachers and parents may use with children to refine motor, visual, and visual-motor activities development. The exercises help support early prevention of problems and provide an important foundation for the teaching of letter and numeral shapes in the first semester of kindergarten.
  • Letters and Numbers bookMy Book of Letters and Numbers – Provides 100 exercises for use with students in the second semester of kindergarten. The exercises use numeral and letter shapes so that the motor, visual, and visual-motor skills children learn with geometric shape exercises can be successfully transferred to numeral and letter shapes they will use in school.
  • Developmental Wall Chart for Visual-Motor Integration – A laminated full-color wall chart of basic gross, fine motor, visual, and visual-motor developmental “stepping stones” from birth to age 6. Serves as a handy reminder for parents and professionals.
  • Beery™ VMI Stepping Stones Parent Checklist – A consumable checklist of more than 200 key developmental “stepping stones” designed to help parents note observations of children from pre-kindergarten through early elementary age in non-school settings. Parents may then share this information with teachers to help track developmental progress and design learning programs.
  • Materials on CD – Reproduce teaching activities and worksheets as often as you need – saving cost and time.
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