Get Ready to Read! Revised

Get Ready to Read! Revised



Grover J. Whitehurst, PhD, Christopher Lonigan, PhD


Assess early literacy skills more easily and effectively with children as young as three

Age Range:



10-15 Minutes

Scoring Option:

Manual Scoring

Revised to help you access emerging literary skills more easily and effectively.

From zipping up coats to tying on paint aprons, you do a lot every day to help kids get ready to go! And of all you do, no task is more important than helping them prepare to be successful readers. Get Ready to Read!, Revised offers a brief, economical screening tool to help you evaluate a child’s readiness for learning how to read and write. Specifically eveloped for preschoolers, this respected tool now has been significantly enhanced to deliver even more power and practicality.

Product details

Test results identify what step (on a five-step continuum) the child has reached on the path to reading. The 25 question assessment incorporates visual and auditory items that allow children to demonstrate their skills in:

  • Print knowledge
  • Book knowledge
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics

Recommended uses

Early childhood educators use this tool to help:

  • Determine children’s reading and writing readiness
  • Build early literacy skills
  • Identify youngsters who may need more in-depth assessment

Benefits for you and the children you serve

The newly enhanced Get Ready to Read!, Revised provides you with:

  • Norm-referenced, standardized scores that give added reliability to this research-based tool
  • Expanded age range of 3–5 years old
  • Stimulus pictures for both English- and Spanish-speaking children in a single presentation easel, durably designed for long-lasting use
  • Five new items to help identify high-achieving children
  • Even lower total cost of ownership


  • Screening tool
  • Score Sheet
  • Skill-building activities and resources
  • Information on how children learn to read
  • Individual screening booklets (packages of 20)


Get Ready to Read!, Revised is based on Dr. Whitehurst’s research regarding preschool predictors of reading achievement. The test has been evaluated for its reliability, factor structure, relationship with other literacy assessments, and consistency across children from low- and middle income backgrounds. Backed by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, the instrument has been field-tested in early childhood programs.

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