Movement Assessment Battery for Children – Second Edition (Movement ABC-2)

Movement Assessment Battery for Children – Second Edition (Movement ABC-2)


Sheila E. Henderson, David A. Sugden, Anna Barnett


Identifies, describes, and guides treatment of motor impairment

Age Range:

Test: 3:0-16:11 years Checklist: 5:0-12:0 years


Test: Individual, 20-40 minutes


est: Total standard scores and percentiles. Checklist: Percentile cut scores

Publication Date:


The Movement ABC-2 provides you with the tools you need to assist in identifying children who have motor function impairment. The kit includes the full assessment battery for children ages 3-16 and a checklist for those ages 5–12. Also provided is an ecological intervention manual to support you in developing intervention programs targeted at improving movement competence in children, allowing them to participate fully in activities of daily living with success and confidence.

Recommended Uses

Use the Movement ABC-2 to:

  • Identify delay or impairment in motor development
  • Plan intervention programs
  • Measure change as a result of intervention
  • Research involvement motor skills and development

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive normative and clinical studies
  • Simple scoring and interpretation system
  • Separate intervention manual
  • Extensive international research built over the previous version of the assessment and this version – featuring in over 500 studies.
  • Extensive translations worldwide

Test Content and Structure

The test contains 8 tasks for each of 3 age ranges: 3 – 6 years; 7 – 10 years and 11 – 16 years. The tasks cover the following 3 areas:

  • Manual Dexterity
  • Ball Skills
  • Static and Dynamic Balance.

Total standard scores and percentiles are provided. A profile of a child’ performance over the different sections of the test can be examined.

The assessment is paralleled by an observational approach to perceptual-motor aspects and emotional and motivational difficulties the child may have in relation to motor tasks.

The Movement ABC-2 checklist

The Checklist provides a means for assessing movement in everyday situations in which the child participates Use the checklist to:

  • Assess groups of children in classroom situations.
  • Obtain parents’ or teachers’ views on a child’s movement in everyday settings
  • Measure the extent to which a child’s attitudes and feelings about motor tasks are situation specific or more generalized

Ecological Intervention for Children with Movement Difficulties

The intervention manual provides a complete guide to helping children with movement difficulties, based on research. Beginning with a description of the theoretical basis of the ecological approach, the practitioner is guided through a discussion of organizational issues at one end of the process to a detailed step-by-step guide on how to teach an individual child a new skill.

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