Raven’s CPM/CVS HINDI – Winner of ASSOCHAM award for Leadership Project in Mental-health Care

Raven’s CPM/CVS HINDI – Winner of ASSOCHAM award for Leadership Project in Mental-health Care


John C Raven et al

Age Range:

4 years to 11 years


Individual – 30 minutes

India Project Manager:

Ann Choolackal


Standard scores, percentile ranks and age equivalence


Following the publication of Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA, Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI with norms for Hindi-speaking populations will help you measure ability in those who are not fluent in English.

Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI fills a long-felt gap in ability tests that cater to populations not adequately exposed to the English language. Translation of test instructions and CVS word card in seven major Indian languages empowers you with a more culturally fair test that can be administered in a vernacular language your client understands.

Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDIfeatures:

  • Besides Hindi, language translations of test instructions and CVS word card available in the following languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu
  • Hindi norms enable a fairer assessment of ability for populations that are Hindi-speaking
  • Screen a large number of children across language groups, using the Hindi and additional Indian language translations
  • Brings all the benefits of Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA plus the added benefits of flexible choice of language for administration

Language Translation Kit consisting of CVS Record Form, CVS word card, and Test Instruction Booklet for seven Indian languages available separately from Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI

  • Raven’s Colored Progressive Matrices and Crichton Vocabulary Scales are one of the most widely-used assessments in India and the world for testing of cognitive ability/intelligence. These scales have found varied applications in educational, clinical and research settings and are appreciated for their ease of administration and use as quick screeners.
  • In 2012, our office published Raven’s CPM/CVS norms for Indian children, a significant development for the field of assessment. With the publication of Raven’s CPM/CVS INDIA, school and mental-health professionals are now able to use updated norms for Indian children that give a valid picture of cognitive abilities in children.
  • However, despite offering professional superior assessment results with Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA, the fact remained that the Crichton Vocabulary Scale (CVS) was testing verbal ability through the medium of English, a language that does not enjoy universal and uniform proficiency across different demographic categories in India. Hence, many professionals had to limit their use of Raven’s to CPM, the nonverbal component, given the demographically diverse range of children they encountered in their practice.
  • In order to provide more testing options to professionals who use Raven’s for assessing cognitive abilities, our office has now developed Raven’s CPM/CVS with Hindi norms and instructions, and translations of the Hindi CVS word card and CPM/CVS test instructions in seven major Indian languages.
  • In India, as per estimates, 41% to 45% of Indians speak or know Hindi whereas 25% of the population are native Hindi speakers. Taking these figures into account, norms for Hindi instructions and translations in seven Indian languages- Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi – became the chosen way forward in order to address language barriers in testing experienced by professionals. The development of Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI significantly addresses barriers to language and makes Raven’s available for testing a larger population of children in India who can be now tested in their native language.
  • Professionals can choose to use Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA or Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI taking into consideration background information of the child such as language fluency, exposure and other socio-economic factors.

Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI Complete Kit:

ISBN: 9789332583900

  • Administrative and scoring manual
  • CPM stimulus booklet
  • 25 CPM Record forms
  • 25 CVS Record Forms (Hindi)
  • CVS word card (Hindi
  • CPM Scoring acetate

Raven’s Bengali Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Bengali, Bengali CVS Word Card, Bengali CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583702

Raven’s Gujarati Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Gujarati, Gujarati CVS Word Card, Gujarati CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583696

Raven’s Kannada Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Kannada, Kannada CVS Word Card, Kannada CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583689

Raven’s Malayalam Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Malayalam, Malayalam CVS Word Card, Malayalam CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583672

Raven’s Marathi Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Marathi, Marathi CVS Word Card, Marathi CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583665

Raven’s Tamil Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Tamil, Tamil CVS Word Card, Tamil CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583658

Raven’s Telugu Translation Kit: Consists of Instruction Booklet in Telugu, Telugu CVS Word Card, Telugu CVS Record Form.

ISBN: 9789332583641

Raven’s CPM/CVSHINDI – Winner of ASSOCHAM award for Leadership Project in Mental-health Care

Download PDF

Download PDF

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