Ravens Educational CPM/CVS(India)

Ravens Educational CPM/CVS(India)


Measures non-verbal and verbal aspects of general ability.

Measures non-verbal and verbal aspects of general ability.


John C Raven et al

Age Range:

4 years to 11 years



Raven’s Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales enjoy a long and famous history in the assessment of general cognitive abilities in children.

The Progressive Matrices usefully provide an assessment of non-verbal ability, an important feature for a linguistically and culturally diverse population such as that of India. Vocabulary Scales provide scores in the verbal domain. This important assessment has been standardised for India, so now you can confidently use the Raven’s to assess non-verbal and verbal aspects of general ability for children in India.

Along with this standardization, Raven’s-Educational has been extensively redesigned, simplified and updated. This makes the test more attractive and easier to use.

Raven’s Educational- CPM/CVSINDIA features:

  • Norms for Indian children which offer an accurate measure of general abilities
  • A standardization sample collected from schools across India
  • Administration and evaluation which can be undertaken by wide range of professionals
  • Raw score conversions to standard scores, Percentile Ranks, and Age Equivalents
  • Discrepancy analysis provides enhanced understanding of differences among verbal and nonverbal abilities
  • Revised instructions for administration to enhance examiner experience

Use the Raven’s Educational: CPM/CVSINDIA

  • To evaluate non-verbal and verbal aspects of general ability for children
  • As a nonverbal tool that can provide a fair measure of ability for children from diverse populations with different language and cultural backgrounds
  • As a nonverbal measure for children with hearing difficulties
  • As a fairer assessment for children who experience disorders of language abilities
  • As a screening measure for the assessment of children who have learning difficulties , along with the Dyslexia Screening Test-Junior, India Edition
  • As a tool to evaluate potential for achievement
  • To measure the difference between verbal and nonverbal aspects of general ability
  • To effectively identify children who require further in-depth evaluation of intelligence

Pearson Academy India (PAI), the training division of PCTA, conducts training on the use of Raven’s CPM/CVS INDIA through its workshop titled:
How to Address Emotional Difficulties of Children and Adolescents in Schools.

Click here to register for a scheduled workshop or register your interest in a future workshop with the above title.

Raven’s CPM/CVSINDIA Complete Kit:

Includes CPM/CVS manual, CPM stimulus booklet, 25 CPM record forms, 25 CVS record forms, CVS word card and CPM scoring acetate in a bag.

ISBN 9789380862576

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Raven’s – Educational CPM/CVS, India Edition

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