Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK)

Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK)


Elisabeth H. Wiig, PhD, Wayne Secord, PhD


Evaluate receptive, expressive vocabulary

Age Range:


Completion Time:

Level 1: Core Battery, 25 min.; Supplementary test, 6 min.: Level 2: Core Battery, 40 min.; Supplementary test, 25 min.


Level 1: 5-8; Level 2: 8-17


Standard Scores, Receptive and Expressive Composite Scores, Age Equivalents, Percentile Ranks, Stanines, and Mean of Subtests

Publication Date:


The Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK) identifies students who lack (or excel in) the semantic skills and repertories that are the foundation of mature language use in thinking, learning, and communication. It also provides a valuable criterion measure for evaluating residual or recovered semantic knowledge following traumatic head injury or acquired aphasia. TOWK evaluates knowledge of figurative language, multiple meanings, conjunctions and transition words, receptive and expressive vocabulary, and more.

You can evaluate specific problem areas or administer all subtests as a comprehensive assessment of semantic skills.

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