Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) India

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) India


Get the measure and the results you can completely trust.

Get the measure and the results you can completely trust.


David Wechsler

Age Range:

16 years to 84 years 11 months


Individual – 75 minutes

RTI Tiers:

RTI Level 3

Completion Time:

60-90 minutes for core subtests


FSIQ, Index scores, subtest level scaled scores

Report Options:

Score Report, Client Report and Interpretive Report

Publication Date:


The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale® – Fourth Edition is adapted and standardized for India, to give you the most comprehensive and advanced measure of cognitive ability in adolescents and adults, in response to the shifting demographic and clinical landscape in India. WAIS-IVINDIA celebrates the tradition pioneered by David Wechsler, which is solidly grounded in the scientist-practitioner model, integrating both nomethetic and idiographic perspectives. WAIS-IVINDIA provides subtest and composite scores that represent intellectual functioning in specific cognitive domains, as well as composite scores that represents general intellectual ability (i.e., Full Scale IQ).
WAIS-IVINDIA is the updated version of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Third Edition (WAIS-III)

Key Features include:

Cultural Appropriateness

  • Culturally appropriate test items

Increased Developmental Appropriateness

  • More efficient administration time
  • Added teaching items to ensure understanding of task
  • Reduced vocabulary-level for verbatim instructions
  • Reduced emphasis on motor demands and timed performance
  • Enlarged visual stimuli

Improved Psychometric Properties

  • India norms with enhanced clinical utility
  • Norms available for older adults
  • Reflects current theory and practice of cognitive assessment in adults
  • Improved floors and ceilings
  • Expanded FSIQ range
  • Improved subtest and composite reliability
  • Reduced item bias

Updated Structural Foundations

  • Transition from dual IQ to Index Score structure
  • Fewer subtests required to yield FSIQ and 4 Index Scores (VCI, PRI, WMI, & PSI)
  • New measure of fluid intelligence (Visual Puzzles)
  • Enhanced measures of working memory (Revised Arithmetic and Digit Span to emphasize Working Memory)
  • Improved measure of processing speed to reduce fine motor demands

Enhanced User-friendliness

  • Reduced testing time
  • Revised instructions for clarity and consistency
  • Redesigned Record Form
  • Increased portability
  • Expanded sample responses

India Norms:

  • Subtest Scaled Scores by Age
  • Composite Scores
  • Full Scale IQ
  • Process Scores

Applications of the WAIS-IVINDIA:

  • As a psycho educational tool to obtain a comprehensive assessment of general cognitive functioning
  • As part of an assessment battery to identify learning difficulties and giftedness
  • To provide invaluable information for clinical and neuropsychological evaluation
  • To identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses in a variety of neurological conditions
  • To guide treatment planning and placement decisions
  • To provide reliable and valid data in academic and educational settings
  • To provide reliable and valid data for research purpose

Pearson Academy India (PAI), the training division of PCTA, conducts learning sessions for WAIS-IVINDIA

Click here to learn more about PAI and register your interest in a future learning session for WAIS IVINDIA

COMPLETE KIT ISBN : 9789380862842

Includes administration and scoring manual, technical and interpretive manual, stimulus book, 25 record forms, 25 response booklets, block design cubes, symbol search & coding scoring key in a bag.

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